Category Subject Sinopsys Description Example/Values
* All elements
div <div>
div * All elements within <div>
Contextual selectors One or more selectors delimited by spaces.The example rule indicates the bold markup will be red only while enclosed in H1 tags. H1 B {color: red;}
Grouping One or more selectors separated by commas. Grouping allows you to assign styles to multiple elements (selectors). H1, H2, H3, H5 {color: purple;}
div > span <span> with parent <div>
div + span <span> preceded by <div>
Class(tag attribute) Class selectors may be used as an attribute to a tag. A class selector is a string preceded by a period. Do not use the period when referencing the class. Do not begin a class name with a number, although IE4/5 let you get away with it. .example {color: red;}
div.class <div> of class "class"
#itemid Element with id "itemid"
div#itemid <div> with id "itemid"
a[attr] <a> with attribute "attr"
a[attr='x'] <a> when "attr" is "x"
a[class~='x'] <a> when class is a list containing 'x'
a[lang|='en'] <a> when lang begins "en"