The advanced search rules:
ADVANCED Type Example Description
Similar terms ~dumb little man Use the "~" symbol to return similar terms. ~dumb little man -dumb will get you pages that contain "funny little man" and "stupid little man" but not "dumb little man"
Definitions define:garda Get a quick definition of the word garda from the Web
Wildcard can't * me love lyrics The "*" symbol is a wildcard. This is useful if you're trying to find the lyrics to a song, but can't remember the exact lyrics. can't * me love lyrics will return the Beatles song you're looking for.
It's also useful for finding stuff only in certain domains, such as educational information: "dumb little man" research *.edu
Domain admission Use the site: operator to search only within a certain website. leo will search for the term "leo" only within this blog
Backlinks link: The "link:" operator will find pages that link to a specific URL. You can use this not only for a main URL but even to a specific page. Not all links to an URL are listed, however
Movies movies titanic To find reviews and showtimes for movies playing near you, type "movies" or the name of a current film into the Google search box. If you've already saved your location on a previous search, the top search result will display showtimes for nearby theaters for the movie you've chosen
Music The "music:" operator returns content related to music only
File types If you just want to search for .PDF files, or Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets, for example, use the "filetype:" or "ext:" operator
Cached pages Looking for a version of a page the Google stores on its own servers? This can help with outdated or update pages. Use the "cached:" operator
Numrange DVD player $50..$100 Search within a range of numbers
Time time London To see the time in many cities around the world, type in "time" and the name of the city
Weather weather San Francisco To see the weather for many U.S. and worldwide cities, type "weather" followed by the city and state, U.S. zip code, or city and country
Real Estate and Housing homes Los Angeles To see home listings in a given area type "housing", "home", or "real estate" and the name of a city or a U.S. zip code into the Google search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button.
Related To search for web pages that have similar content to a given site, type "related:" followed by the website address into the Google search box
Patent Numbers Patent 5123123 To search for U.S. patents, enter the word "patent" followed by the patent number into the Google search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button.