Sql Server System Variabiles:

Category Name Description
@@IDENTITY Is a system function that returns the last-inserted identity value.
@@CONNECTIONS Returns the number of attempted connections, either successful or unsuccessful since SQL Server was last started
@@ERROR Returns the error number for the last Transact-SQL statement executed
@@FETCH_STATUS Returns the status of the last cursor FETCH statement issued against any cursor currently opened by the connection.
@@CURSOR_ROWS Returns the number of qualifying rows currently in the last cursor opened on the connection. To improve performance, Microsoft SQL Server can populate large keyset and static cursors asynchronously. @@CURSOR_ROWS can be called to determine that the number of the rows that qualify for a cursor are retrieved at the time @@CURSOR_ROWS is called.
@@SERVERNAME Returns the name of the local server that is running SQL Server.
@@SERVICENAME Returns the name of the registry key under which SQL Server is running. @@SERVICENAME returns 'MSSQLSERVER' if the current instance is the default instance; this function returns the instance name if the current instance is a named instance.
@@SPID Returns the session ID of the current user process.
@@VERSION Returns version, processor architecture, build date, and operating system for the current installation of SQL Server