La 5a serie di Castle.
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--After the StormAfter the Storm
--Cloudy With a Chance of MurderCloudy With a Chance of Murder
--Secret's Safe With MeSecret's Safe With Me
--Murder, He WroteMurder, He Wrote
--Probable CauseProbable Cause
--The Final FrontierThe Final Frontier
--Swan SongSwan Song
--After HoursAfter Hours
--Secret SantaSecret Santa
--Significant OthersSignificant Others
--Under The InfluenceUnder The Influence
--Death Gone CrazyDeath Gone Crazy
--Reality Star StruckReality Star Struck
--Target Target
--Hunt Hunt
--Scared To DeathScared To Death
--The Wild RoverThe Wild Rover
--The Lives of OthersThe Lives of Others
--The Fast and the FurriestThe Fast and the Furriest
--The Squab and the QuailThe Squab and the Quail
--The Human FactorThe Human Factor