La 2a serie di Desperate Housewives.
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ControlloControlloYou Could Drive A Person CrazyYou Could Drive A Person Crazy
Non mi lascerai maiNon mi lascerai maiYou'll Never Get Away From MeYou'll Never Get Away From Me
I buoni padriI buoni padriMy Heart Belongs To DaddyMy Heart Belongs To Daddy
Mi hanno chiesto perchè credo in teMi hanno chiesto perchè credo in teThey Asked Me Why I Believe In YouThey Asked Me Why I Believe In You
Vorrei poterti dimenticareVorrei poterti dimenticareI Wish I Could Forget YouI Wish I Could Forget You
FotografieFotografieColor And LightColor And Light
Il sole non tramonteràIl sole non tramonteràThe Sun Won't setThe Sun Won't set
Il bene e il maleIl bene e il maleThat's Good, That's BadThat's Good, That's Bad
Ritorno a casaRitorno a casaComing HomeComing Home
Baci...Baci...One More KissOne More Kiss
Andrà tutto beneAndrà tutto beneWe're Gonna Be All RightWe're Gonna Be All Right
Il fascino discreto della guerraIl fascino discreto della guerraThere's Something About A WarThere's Something About A War
Amicizie improbabiliAmicizie improbabiliSilly PeopleSilly People
Grazie tanteGrazie tanteThank You So MuchThank You So Much
Non c'è altro modoNon c'è altro modoThere Is No Other WayThere Is No Other Way
Potrei mai lasciarti?Potrei mai lasciarti?Could I Leave You?Could I Leave You?
TentazioniTentazioniEverybody Says Don'tEverybody Says Don't
Non mi guardareNon mi guardareDon't Look At MeDon't Look At Me
Non doveva succedereNon doveva succedereIt Wasn't Meant To HappenIt Wasn't Meant To Happen
Adesso lo soAdesso lo soI Know Things NowI Know Things Now
SolitudineSolitudineNo One Is AloneNo One Is Alone
Ricordare - Parte IRicordare - Parte IRemember: Part 1Remember: Part 1
Ricordare - Parte IIRicordare - Parte IIRemember: Part 2Remember: Part 2